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Welcome to the harp services section!  This page is devoted to a listing of Pacific Northwest harp builders,  technicians, string makers, and other professional services of use to the harp player. If you build or service harps and would like to be included in this list, please contact  info@reigningharps.com for submission guidelines.

Harp Touchup and Refinishing.  Scott McElhose of Seattle’s A. F. Restoration is now available to do touchups and refinishing for harps in the area. Scott has over 35 years of experience with antique and wood restoration. He does provide pick up and delivery service. Please note that Scott is available for wood restoration of dents, scratches, worn finish, or cosmetic work on wood finishes, but not for gilding. He does not do restringing or any harp technician work of any kind. Contact Scott at smcelhose@hotmail.com or 206-914-1562 (call or text).

Harp Music Notation.   “Hi there, fellow harpers! My name is Noah Brenner and I’m a music engraver (I edit, proofread, and polish up sheet music before it’s published). I want to help you make your musical creations look beautiful, professional, and clear. I’m based in Oregon, but regularly work with far-away composers through email, phone, and Skype. You can find more information, including samples of my work, on my website, www.NBmusicality.com, and you’re welcome to email or call me too: noah@noahbrenner.com or 541-687-5861. Wishing you much merry music making, Noah Brenner.”

Harp Insurance.  Your homeowner’s policy may or may not insure your musical instruments, especially out of your home or if used professionally… check with your agent to be sure of your coverage. You may wish to obtain specific harp insurance.
– If you are a member of the International Society of Folk Harpers and Craftsmen (ISFHC), the American Harp Society (AHS), or the World Harp Congress (WHC), you are eligible for coverage by Anderson Insurance (see www.anderson-group.com/harp-insurance.html).
– Another musical instrument insurer is Merz-Huber (www.merzhuber.com) which offers individual musical instrument coverage, including school and college musical instrument policies, as well as additional group insurance programs to members of the American String Teachers Association.
– If you are not a member of one of the above groups, another option is Total Instrument Insurance (see http://www.totalinstrumentinsurance.com/).
– Cossio Insurance Agency is also now offering insurance for musical instruments; for information see http://insuranceformusicalinstruments.com.

Harp Regulations and Repairs.

We’ve gathered a compilation of harp regulation and repair resources in the greater Pacific Northwest. All of the harp technicians listed below work on lever harps (many on pedal harps as well). If you know of others, please write in with the information so we can continue to add to this list! These are listed by general area; at the bottom there are some resources for those who prefer or need to “do-it-yourself”.

Seattle/Tacoma WA:

Dusty Strings harp owners should contact the Interbay manufacturing building at 206-634-1656 (time estimate – approximately a week to schedule and another week for regulations and minor repairs, longer for structural repairs).

Harp technician Steve Moss visits Seattle regularly. He works on all types of harps, and is very happy to service lever harps (see his article on the topic at http://harpherald.com/tag/lever-harp-regulation/). He is usually in Seattle in February. To discuss your service needs and his schedule, please contact him at steve@mossharpservice.com.

Harp technician Mike Lewis of San Francisco services all types of pedal and lever harps. He travels regularly to the Seattle/Tacoma area, sometimes head-quartering at Enchanted Harps in Puyallup. Contact him to be kept informed about his schedule (415-254-2434 or harptech@harptech.com).

Portland/Vancouver WA:

Robert Hohlbauch is located in Vancouver WA (360-696-4240 or bobhohlbauch@juno.com). He works on both pedal and lever harps and has studied at the Aoyama, Camac, L&H, and Salvi factories. He can supply most services short of major wood repair. 20 years experience. Does not travel; necessary to bring the harps to him.

Corvallis OR:

Thormahlen Harps is located in Corvallis. Dave and Sharon are available by appointment to regulate any lever harp or to restring your harp. Call 541-753-4334 or e-mail harps@thorharp.com to schedule your harp needs.

Vancouver/Victoria BC:

Vancouver and Victoria BC are visited by traveling harp technicians on an annual or bi-annual basis. Both Jason Azem (630-229-7335 or jasonazem@aol.com)  and Otto Keyes (208-660-8316 or eh440@yahoo.com) schedule service there; contact them for info or to schedule.

Okanagan BC/Okanogan WA:

Michael White of Heritage Music is located in Salmon Arm BC. He does lever installations and lever harp regulations in Salmon Arm and travels throughout the surrounding area. See the link to his page of information on “Harp Regulation and Repair” on his web site at www.heritagemusic.net.

Eastern WA/Idaho/Western MT:

Otto Keyes is located in Moscow ID (208-660-8316 or eh440@yahoo.com). He trained at the Lyon & Healy and Salvi factories. 25 years experience. Mainly works on pedal harps but also regulates and does minor repairs on lever harps.


Dusty Strings has put together a tool kit with instructions that gives anyone with a Dusty Strings harp with threaded bridge pins and Loveland levers (some adaptations can be made to use it on Camac levers) the ability to regulate it themselves. There is also a selection of individual tools if you don’t need the whole kit, plus replacement lever cams, and a booklet that explains regulation techniques. See all this at:

Thormahlen Harps sell the tools needed for adjusting Camac, as well as Loveland and Truitt levers. For more information, see their web page at:

Music Makers sells the tools needed to regulate Loveland levers at a very reasonable price at:

The DVD “Harp Care with Steve Moss” answers your most common questions, from tuning to repairing that broken string. Find out everything you need to know to take the best care of your pedal or lever harp from a factory-trained and certified professional technician. For more info see:  http://mossharpservice.com/shop/.

A very well-regarded handbook of lever harp maintenance that has stood the test of time is David Kolacny’s “Trouble Shooting Your Lever Harp”. You can find it at: http://www.kolacnymusic.com/manage.numo?pid=914&module=shopping_cart&component=catalog.

To find a technician near you – Lyon & Healy and Salvi certified harp technicians can be located and contacted through their new website at: www.harptechguild.com.

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